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Cisco Context-Aware Diff

 November 18th, 2013Nov 18th, 2013      

How many times have you tried to run a standard diff against two configuration files, only to be presented with a load of differences without any context at all? Configuration files tend to be hierarchical and usually use indentation to denote sections. To demonstrate what I mean, lets use a simple example where I have two interfaces on a Cisco router.


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Cisco IOS: IPv6 Accounting using Flexible Netflow

 September 8th, 2011Sep 8th, 2011        1

I am a big fan of IP Accounting as it enables me to keep long term-ish statistics on a per src/dst prefix basis. I am able to work out my weekly or monthly bandwidth usage and can see how much data each host on my network uses. I can see that I have used a total of 4.7GB in the last 5 days and the majority of that has been towards my Apple TV. A lot of people are probably thinking this is probably achieved better using a more scalable solution like NetFlow, but I like the ability to query this data on-box and not have to use a collector.


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