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TemplateFx v2.48

 February 7th, 2016Feb 7th, 2016        0

I am pleased to announce the release of Template v2.48 – a scriptable dynamic templating tool that enables you to write configuration templates once and deploy multiple times – never do the same thing twice. In addition, it now comes with a feature packed IPv4/IPv6 Subnet Calculator and DNS lookup tool built in!

Download links and instructions can be found on the TemplateFx page.


The changes in this release are summarised below:

  • Added support for a JavaScript “nslookup” function.
  • Added support for large scale DNS lookups in the IP Calc.
  • IP Calc is now a background thread so it doesn’t disrupt the UI.
  • Removed the default output space between rows – output is only trimmed of empty lines.
  • Console tab is now shown when generating to show messages in real time.
  • Deprecated “clog” in favour of “console.log”.

Feedback welcome as well as suggestions or enhancement requests or general queries!

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