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TemplateFx v2.44

 May 5th, 2015May 5th, 2015      

I am pleased to announce the release of Template v2.44 – a scriptable dynamic templating tool that enables you to write configuration templates once and deploy multiple times – never do the same thing twice.

Download links and instructions can be found on the TemplateFx page.


The changes in this release are summarised below:

  • Updated “lodash.js” to v3.8.0.
  • Added an output pane feature called “Copy Mode” which automatically highlights blocks on mouse over.
  • Added an “Expand Pane” feature on the right click menu to expand/maximise the current pane.
  • Improved the “Generate Output” dialog to disable the “OK” button and change cursor.
  • Enhanced the “ipsplit()” function to allow you to specify minimum subnets.
  • Added status bar to the bottom of the “DataTemplate” tab to indicate full path to DataTemplate.
  • Added support for DataTemplate encryption using AES-128 and 100,000 PBKDF2 iterations.
  • Bumped the DataTemplate file version to 4 to support encryption (older versions can’t read newer files, etc).
  • Added a toggle for “Maximise on Start” to preferences.
  • Various wait cursor improvements.

Feedback welcome as well as suggestions or enhancement requests or general queries!

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