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TemplateFx v2.31

 September 10th, 2013Sep 10th, 2013      

I am pleased to announce the release of version 2.31 of TemplateFx – a dynamic templating tool enabling you to write configuration templates once and deploy multiple times. Download links and instructions can be found on the TemplateFx page.

The changes in this release are summarised below:

  • Windows binary is now packed with UPX to reduce size by 66%.
  • Added support to filter the data using criteria when generating output.
  • Added support for an intelligent “Select Block” function on the right click menu to ease copying blocks based on indentation.
  • Added support for “Select Line” on the right click menu to ease copying lines.
  • Added support for “Select Paragraph” on the right click menu to ease copying paragraphs.
  • Redesigned the “Generate Output” dialog to be a single window.
  • Set a minimum width on all JButtons used in the same context.
  • Updated Find field to allow selection of previous entries.
  • Added “Options” button on Find dialogue to allow multiple options to be set (added support for “Match Case”).
  • Updated pattern match for template fields so they can’t contain just white space.
  • Fixed a NullPointerException when hitting <enter> on an empty Data pane.
  • Fixed an issue if there were empty lines at the beginning of the data pane.
  • Added red highlighting to “Template Fields” if they aren’t defined in the data pane.
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