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TemplateFx v2.27

 March 31st, 2013Mar 31st, 2013      

I am pleased to announce the release of version 2.27 of TemplateFx – a dynamic templating tool enabling you to write configuration templates once and deploy multiple times. Download links and instructions can be found on the TemplateFx page.

The changes in this release are summarised below:

  • Changed the GUI so all output windows are now created in tabs instead of opening in a new window.
  • Added support for FOREACH blocks within the template to allow intra-row looping.
  • Improved “Find and Replace” so it doesn’t use the last match as the bounds for the next search.
  • Errors tab on “Output” is now disabled when errors present but not on current tab.
  • Improved the output of ScriptExceptions in the “Errors” tab to include context.
  • About window now closes on escape.
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